DEBASER - MOOD RING Compilation Cassette


MOOD RING is a compilation tape lovingly curated by Debaser's Emily McQuarrie and Rachel Weldon. It features seventeen tracks of weird and interesting music made by select Canadian artists, about 50% of which are based in Ottawa and Hull. One side black, one side white, this cassette was produced with high-quality audio duplication, guaranteed to sound great out of your dusty tape deck. Cool and colourful cover art by Ottawa-born illustrator Michael DeForge.

Brave Radar - Subterrain City 01:14

Hand Cream - Oh, Rats 02:10

Cheap Wig - Flesh 01:43

Creep Wave - Outside 02:29

Pipahauntas - B1 04:09

Sivani - Tooth Hound Sand (AIA) 02:51

JFM - Test of Faith 02:03

Boyhood - Won't 03:56

Scattered Clouds - Don't Question Me 02:46

Freak Heat Waves - Trash 01:35

H. de Heutz - Anti-Canada Crude Haiku 01:10

New Fries - Hurricanes Be 01:56

Fet.Nat featuring Les Coconuts - Végas Paris 03:53

Skin Tone - Blind Willie Voyager 05:29

Bosveld - House of Common (Live Performance at Island Laaif) 06:39

Special Costello - All Encompassing Love 07:08

Weed Mom - I still want to burn with you 00:56